Balsam Hill's mission is to create the most realistic artificial Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths and Christmas garlands ever produced.More than just a fake Christmas tree, a Balsam Hill Christmas tree achieves its stunningly realistic effect in two ways.First and foremost is Balsam Hill's method for creating realistic evergreen foliage, True Needle™ technology.Using individually molded bi-colored plastic needles, the True Needle™ method is simply the finest means available for creating realistic artificial Christmas trees.Second, Balsam Hill's Signature Collection trees are each based on natural evergreen species, providing a gorgeous, true-to-life texture, silhouette and coloring.

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Tree Classics - The World's Finest Artificial Christmas Trees!“Tree Classics is Recognized as the Top-Shelf Brand for Trees.” – Save up to 60% Sale ends soon!0% Sales tax!(except CA, GA, WI) Save when you buy Factory Direct!Shop our Time-Honored Classic Trees from just $99.

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Quality Artificial Pre Lit Christmas Trees - How do you choose?How to Determine the Quality of an Artificial Prelit Christmas tree?Many consumers inaccurately assume that the number of lights and the number of tips on an artificial Pre Lit Christmas Tree are accurate methods of judging the quality Artificial Pre Lit Christmas Trees.This assumption may not be true.It is far more important to have quality Christmas lights than to have high quantities of lights.It is far more important to have quality tree branches than to have high quantities of branch tips.After reviewing the information below, you will be able to ask the questions to assist you in determining artificial Pre Lit Christmas Tree quality.

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Tinkering Tinkerbell List Price $278 - $458 On Sale!$138 - $228 Half a tree.Full of love.List Price $598 - $758 Clearance!$248.88 - $298.88 White like snow List Price $258 - $1098 On Sale!$128 - $598 No.2 Pencil Christmas Tree Need an Industrious Pencil Tree?List Price $138 - $448 On Sale!$98 - $298 Kris Kringle Approved List Price $238 - $1598 On Sale!$118 - $868 A sweet little thing with a sugary name!List Price $278 - $598 Clearance!

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Online Fraser Fir Christmas trees, handcrafted Christmas wreaths and decorations, and the Krinner Tree Stand.

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