About Self-Stick Vinyl Tile Floor | eHow.com With the rise in popularity of do-it-yourself projects, vinyl tiles have become one of the most popular flooring options.They are easy to install and come in a variety of sizes, colors and levels of durability.When the tile is well-maintained, it can last for decades.There is a vinyl tile to fit every lifestyle.Does this Spark an idea?Vinyl tiles are the latest fad in flooring products.They are especially popular for kitchen and bathroom floors.The tiles come in different sizes.Tiles also come in a variety of thicknesses to meet the individual needs.Self-stick tiles are the most popular tiles.

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Porcelain Tile Kitchen Flooring.Natural, Polished, Glazed Porcelain Tiles Porcelain tile kitchen floors are classically beautiful, smooth, refined, and distinguishably resilient, Porcelain tile floors add a certain elegance to all spaces in which it graces, making porcelain tiles another exceptional material for any kitchen floor.

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