Welcome Guest!To enable all features please Login or Register.HI everyone, I'm looking to buy a 1996 AW500.Sounds great and is in pretty good shape.Asking price is $250 w/gig bag.Is this a reasonable price?Seems a little over - maybe by $100.That's just MOI.Nato neck...I have nevered liked Nato.I stand by the AW40NT I bought used this past December.Best damn acoustic I have played, and I have played alot.Sitka Spruce top, Mohag neck, rosewood board.Solid guitar and less than 200 in coin.Check out my post down below for pictures.You cannot post new topics in this forum.You cannot reply to topics in this forum.

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Ibanez Artwood AW380ECENT Acoustic Electric Guitar The Ibanez Artwood AW380ECENT Acoustic Electric Guitar is a perfect combination of tradition and modern design.The solid Engelmann Spruce top along with mahogany back and sides are shaped into a traditional dreadnought body style which has...Ibanez Artwood AW250ECERTB Acoustic Electric Guitar The Ibanez AW250ECERTB Artwood Acoustic Electric Guitar boasts features and looks that you would normally find on a guitar 3 times its price.

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